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SGS does commissioned work for commercial and residential spaces.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects over years. The project starts with a discussion, then samples and a design, and finally the wall or canvas. Ultimately I try to fulfill the clients vision for their space, within the budget and on time.


• • Paintings for lobbies, office space, homes, or anywhere else that suits your fancy.

appliques on plaster faux bois and wall portrait


mural with applique clock mural park ceiling


• • I developed a process using hand painted Japanese paper for customizable wall designs. Each SGS applique is painted and cut, and when applied melts onto the wall to become something beautiful and one of a kind. I have used this technique alone (to echo wallpaper, often without the repetition), and as part of a mural. It is endlessly adaptable and each project starts with a design and approved sample before the work on site begins.

green leaves circle appliques orange daisies white roses on gold grannie flowers white leaves


• • Our specialty is a simple finish, with close attention payed to the color, the surface, and the details. I have worked with plaster, encaustic, glazes, and paint. Each job starts with a sample, which is approved before work on site begins.

riese hamptons encaustic morrocan


• • It's time to paint. … but what's the right color? How come the color on the wall looks so different from the swatch in the paint store? What kind of paint should you use? How many gallons will you need? ... These are a few of the questions I can help you with.

Colors react and change with their environments. I can help you choose the color, and get as close to that color as the paint store allows. Next, if needed, the color is tweaked to work perfectly in your space.

We can also discuss how much prep work, which level of sheen do you want, should you prime, what tools will you need... I can help you with your questions about painting.


• • At the end of every job, there's the punch list. Taking care of the details and tying up all the loose ends to complete a project is part of the process. When the plumber accidentally splashes grease on the finish, or you need to touch up the patch where the electrical outlet was not suppose to be, or the movers put a big scrape on the wall, or the leak that was not suppose to happen... we've all been there, and the list goes on. Here's where we come in.

With a palette of colors and a little patience it will all be fixed soon. This service is charged by half days, or full days.

Send an email if you have any questions, or if you would like to disuss a project. I'd love to hear from you.

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